Medical Tattooing has become a recognised and valued solution for a range of skin traumas or injuries where visual improvement or long term skin re-coloration is required.

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Finishing Touches have combined the skills of our training team with the knowledge of our associate team of medical professionals to develop a comprehensive menu of medical tattooing courses.

Medical tattooing can benefit:

  • Areola pigmentation, LD and tram scar flattening and pigmentation
  • Skin graft and vitiligo pigmentation
  • Scalp camouflage
  • Facial feature restoration for eyebrows (full or partial), eye socket definition, restoration of the lip vermillion and lip infill technique
  • Self harm scars
  • Cleft lip improvement
  • Advanced scalp camouflage
  • Scar and burns camouflage colouration
  • Scar and burns relaxation and improvement by MCA techniques and digital skin needling


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